The Referral Marketing Machine ebook

Nick Venturella
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The Referral Marketing Machine will teach you the power of referral marketing -- gain more clients with less marketing cost.

(40+ page PDF ebook/workbook)

In The Referral Marketing Machine you'll learn:

  --Why referral marketing is so important to your business

  --The 7 steps of an ideal referral marketing system

  --How to define your ideal prospect

  --How to identify and get the most out of potential referral sources 

  --How to leverage contacts you have now for more referrals

  --Ways to reward contacts for referring others

  --Three different types of requests for referrals (email, face to face and

    social media)

  --How to write a recommendation message to give to referral sources to

    use for you

  --How to design a follow-up strategy for converting referrals into

    customers or clients

  --How to design a follow-up strategy for maintaining your relationship

    with referral sources

  --How to draft an action plan for building your referral marketing system.

  --By the end of the course, you'll have everything you need to create

     your own referral system and start putting it into use. 

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The Referral Marketing Machine ebook

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